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Second Grade News

Monday, October 16, 2017

What we are learning this week:

Reading- Teacher’s Pets , story structure, base words/suffixes, summarizing, vocabulary (We will test this week.) Complete a nightly reading log.

Writing-  Singular/Plural Nouns;  Write a rough draft, revise, and edit

Phonics- Read and spell words with sight words  (Test- Friday)

Math-Addition/Subtraction strategies.  Please start working with your child on their addition facts.  This is a very important skill.

Science- Investigating properties of matter

Social Studies- Explain how people and events have influenced local and community history.


Monday:-Addition/Subtraction Practice, Nightly Reading Log

Tuesday: Reading Worksheet: Vocabulary/ABC Order, Nightly Reading Log

Wednesday- Math pages 163, 164, Nighly Reading Log

Thursday: Study spelling words.  Write them 3 times each. Reading Log- Due Friday

Spelling Words

the                                                         will

were                                                      up

more                                                      into

not                                                         so

she                                                        look                  

Upcoming Events

October 17th- Fundraiser due

October 23rd- No School/Staff Development Day

October 24th-27th- Red Ribbon/Drug Free Week

      Tuesday- Crazy Sock Day

      Wednesday- Wacky Wednesday (Mismatched clothes, crazy hair, etc.)

      Thursday- Twin Day

      Friday- Favorite Sports Team Shirt

October 25th- Report Cards                  November 4th- Fall Festival 10-4

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