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Second Grade News

Monday, December 4, 2017

What we are learning this week:

Reading- How Chipmunk Got His Stripes , Understanding characters, synonyms, vocabulary, fluency,  (We will test this week.) Complete a nightly reading log.

Writing-  Verbs;  Write to entertain: Revise, Edit, and Publish

Phonics- Read and spell sight words  (Test- Friday)

Math – Study flash cards, 2 and 3 dimensional shapes continued 

Science- Investigate the effects on an object by increasing/decreasing  amounts of light, heat, and sound energy.

Social Studies- Identify functions of government such as establishing order, providing security, and managing conflict.


Monday:-  Nightly Reading Log, flashcards, Math worksheet

Tuesday: Reading Worksheet: Nightly Reading Log, Read How Chipmunk Got His Stripes, flashcards

Wednesday- Nighly Reading Log, flashcards, math pages 541-542

Thursday: Write spelling words, flashcards, Nightly Reading Log- Due Friday

Spelling Words

way                                           place

did                                            very

only                                          most

take                                          just

much                                        down

      Upcoming Events

December 12th- 4H Fun Fair- FREE 4:00-6:00; PTO Meeting at 6:00

December 13th- Please have the $5.00 Boy/Girl gift at school by this day

December 15th- Christmas Party 10:15-11:15 Boys were to bring a $5.00 boy gift and girls a $5.00 girl gift

January 3rd- Students return to school

January 9th- PTO Meeting at 6:00


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