4th Grade

Fourth Grade Newsletter

October 24-27, 2017

Items are still needed for the Christmas and Spa baskets!!

Monday, October 23rd is a student holiday!!



Tuesday- Students will demonstrate their group experiment.

Wednesday- Acting Out an Electrical Circuit

Thursday- Electrical Circuits

Friday- Electrical Circuits



Social Studies

Tuesday- Christopher Columbus was a Failure?

                  Break the Code and Identify the Sailing Terms due Thursday

Wednesday & Thursday- Columbus’ Voyages

Friday- week 9 online test



Tuesday- Review long division including word problems

Wednesday- Learn about long division with strip diagrams, standard algorithm, and area area models

Thursday- Work on interpreting remainders with division

Friday- Imagine Math and review division



Our spelling focus will be suffix –ing.  The spelling homework will be writing good complete sentences using all of the spelling words.  We will have a lesson on the capitalization of proper nouns (historical events, documents, book titles).  We will also have a lesson on the capitalization of proper adjectives (languages, races, nationalities).  We will prewrite and begin drafting of an expository essay over our favorite season.


Reading (Homework:  Read 20-30 minutes each night.)

We will begin the week by reviewing fiction elements and summaries.  Then we will move into our new lessons of drama!  Students will learn to identify the parts of drama and compare how they are similar/different to a fiction story.  We will be reading a drama throughout the week and spend time discussing the different parts.  The students will analyze and make inferences over the drama.

***Mrs. Cooper’s homeroom is in need of snacks.  Thank you!


Important Dates

**Monday, October 23rd- No School/ Teacher In-service

**Tuesday, October 24th- Crazy Sock Day- Wear your craziest socks

**Wednesday, October 25th- Report Card Day

                                               Wacky Wednesday- Wear mismatched, crazy hair, etc

**Thursday, October 26th- Twin Day- Dress like your friend or friends

**Friday, October 27th- Favorite Sports Team Shirt

**Friday, November 10th- Veteran’s Day Program at high school starts at 9:30