5th Grade


5th Grade Newsletter

Jan. 22-26


Students will conclude our investigation over how Earth’s surface is constantly changing. They will recognize how landforms such as deltas, canyons and sand dunes are the result of changes to Earth’s surface by wind, water and ice.  Unit TEST Thursday.









  • WIND


  • ICE


Social Studies -Students will identify reasons why people moved west and Identify significant events and concepts associated with U.S. territorial expansion, including the Louisiana Purchase, the expedition of Lewis and Clark, and Manifest Destiny.

Vocabulary-: Looking to the West

  • Mississippi River

  • Natural resources

  • Louisiana Purchase

  • Appalachian Mountains

  • Port of New Orleans

  • Reservation

  • Northwest Passage

  • Sacagawea

  • Manifest Destiny

  • Anti-federalist

  • rendezvous



This week will begin unit 4a. In this unit we will be combining what we have learned about different genres. Everything we have learned about fiction/poetry/nonfiction will be used to make connections across the genres. We will also be having our Reading Benchmark on Thursday. Accurate data is very important, so please make sure your kids get some sleep the night before and have a good breakfast that morning. Have a great weekend and HAPPY READING!!



Math:  Unit 6  Addition and Subtraction of Fractions

Students will continue to represent and solve addition and subtraction of fractions with unequal denominators referring to the same whole using objects and pictorial models and properties of operations.  They will also simplify numerical expressions that do not involve exponents, including up to two levels of grouping.  The MATH MOCK test will be on Wednesday.




  • Compatible numbers – numbers that are slightly adjusted to create groups of numbers that are easy to compute mentally

  • Denominator – the part of a fraction written below the fraction bar that tells the total number of equal

  • Fraction – a number in the form A over B.png where a and b are whole numbers and b is not equal to zero. A fraction can be used to name part of an object, part of a set of objects, to compare two quantities, or to represent division.

  • Improper fraction – a number in the form A over B.png where a and b are whole numbers and a > b where b is not equal to zero

  • Least common denominator (LCD) – the least common multiple of the denominators of two or more fractions

  • Mixed number– a number that is composed of a whole number and a fraction

  • Numerator – the part of a fraction written above the fraction bar that tells the number of fractional parts specified or being considered

  • Numeric expression – a mathematical phrase, with no equal sign, that contains numbers and an operator(s)

  • Positive rational numbers – the set of numbers that can be expressed as a fraction A over B.png, where a and b are whole numbers, and b ≠ 0 which includes the subset of whole numbers and counting (natural) numbers (e.g., 0, 2, 11 sevenths and 0.23.png, etc.)

  • Unit fraction – a fraction in the form 1 over B.png representing the quantity formed by one part of a whole that has been partitioned into b equal parts where b is a non-zero whole number

Students can login and work on Imagine Math (aka Think Through Math) anytime.  They can go to Bellsisd.net, sign in to Clever, and then IM.  To sign in to Clever they will: all lower case firstname.lastname@bellsisd.net          password:  BellsISD(lunchnumber)



13th-             PTO Meeting 6:00 PM

14th-            Valentine Parties

19th-            Staff Development  Day

20th     MANDATORY JOLT parent meeting @ 6:00pm in the cafeteria  

21st-       Four Week Progress Reports home with students


 March 20th-23rd  CAMP JOLT


✱✱✱✱✱✱ We will have school May 14th! Assuming no bad weather days

are used, we will NOT have school on April 23, 2018.




                                          May 24th End of Year Luau