5th Grade


5th Grade Newsletter

Oct. 23-27

A note was sent home earlier in the week.  We need volunteers to work the 5th grade booths (jail and cake walk), gift card or cash donations for the basket(s), and goodies for the cake walk.  Please sign up and return the paper to your child’s homeroom teacher. November 4th is right around the corner so we have to plan quickly.    Thanks for all of your help and support!

Sell! Sell! Sell!  Sonic cards have arrived!  The cards are $5 each and have really great coupons.  You will collect the cash,then receive the cards.  This is the only fundraiser that goes directly to your child's account. We have extra cards so you may sell more than 10. YEAH!


Science   Students will explore the uses of energy in everyday life and demonstrate how the flow of electricity in circuits can produce light, heat, and sound.











Social Studies -Students have started learning about the reasons conflict is occurring in the colonies. We are discussing if the Proclamation of 1763, The Stamp Act and The Quartering Act were “fair” why/why not?  We will begin creating a Colonial Times book.

















Our unit test for Unit 2a will be the Thursday after next (10/26). We will begin looking at informational and procedural texts in the next unit. Our week will begin with a review of the previous unit along with a few graded checks to make sure they understood everything they will be tested over. We will also add the vocabulary for the new unit to our notebooks. Have a great 3 day weekend and HAPPY READING!!




Students will continue Unit 3 “Financial Literacy”.  There is a lot of vocabulary in this unit.  Students will continue review vocabulary in various ways.  Students will make a budget and learn to make adjustments to a budget.  We will spend all week reviewing and Unit 3 test will be on Tuesday October 31st… Happy Halloween!

  • Available balance – the amount available in an account for a person, business, or organization to spend

  • Balance – to reconcile your budget or account statement with your check register to make sure the records match and are accurate

  • Budget – a monthly or yearly spending and savings plan for an individual, family, business, or organization

  • Check – a written document telling the financial institution to pay a specific amount of money from your account to a specific person or organization

  • Credit card – a card that can be used to borrow money from financial institutions, stores, or other businesses in order to buy products and services on credit

  • Debit card – a card that is linked to your checking account so that a person can withdraw money, make deposits, or make purchases at a store

  • Electronic payment (e-payment) – payments using security features on the Internet

  • Expense – payment for goods and services

  • Financial records – a formal record of the transactions made by a person, business, or other organization

  • Gross income – the total amount of personal income prior to taxes and deductions

  • Income – money earned or received

  • Income tax – money paid to federal and/or state governments based on an individual's income as required by law

  • Net income – the income that remains after taxes and other deductions are taken from an individual’s gross income

  • Payroll tax – the amount of money that a company withholds from its employees for the federal government as required by law

  • Property tax – the amount of money collected on the value of a property for the local government as required by law

  • Register – a small table to track deposits added to account, expenses withdrawn from account, and current available balance

  • Sales tax – the amount of money collected by a store (retailer), in addition to a good or service that was purchased, for the local government as required by law

  • Transaction – a specific time or instance when money changes hands



Students can login and work on Imagine Math (aka Think Through Math) anytime.  They can go to Bellsisd.net, sign in to Clever, and then IM.  To sign in to Clever they will: all lower case firstname.lastname@bellsisd.net          password:  BellsISD(lunchnumber)



Oct. 23rd Staff Development Day: No Students

Oct. 24th  2nd Nine weeks Begins

Oct. 25th Report Cards

Oct. 24th-27th Red Ribbon/Drug Free Week

Nov.4th     Fall Festival

Nov. 10th  Veteran’s Day Program @ 9:00 A.M.

Nov. 20th-24th   Thanksgiving Break;

             School Holiday

Nov. 29th      Four Week Progress Reports home with students


Dec. 8th   UIL

December 15th Christmas Party/ Early Release



MANDATORY JOLT parent meeting in February

March 20th-23rd  CAMP JOLT

May 24th End of Year Luau