Student Life



Students of The Month


6th: Ansley Campbell and Jenri Lopez

7th:  Danyel Usrey and Lillie Baxter

8th:  Konder Morris and Madeleine St Amour



6th: Joshua Marquez & Ashlyn Fox

7th: Dylan Kinsey & Hannah Bondarenko

8th:  Ben Stephens & Landri Hicks



6th:  Brock Baker & Blair Baker

7th:  Colton Yates & Alicia Stanley

8th:  Ethan Cooper & Kyla Mosely



6th:  Sarah Cooper & Grady Waldrip
7th:  Grace Marsh & Jaden Nelson
8th:  Kodi Groth & Mario Verde


November/ December

6th:  Preston Carter and Teryn Haliburton
7th:  Quinton Douglas and Sarah Clapp
8th:  Hunter Howard and Maegan Hewitt



8th Grade:  Austin Connor and Hailey Ridenour
7th Grade:  Walker Durham and Brenna Williams
6th Grade:  Spencer Hinds and Brigette Saxon




Class Officers

President:  Landon Nelson

Vice President:  Jaden Nelson

Secretary:  Carson Howard

Treasurer:  Walker Durham

8th Grade Representative:  Carl Besario

7th Grade Representatives:  Lillie Baxter and Shelby Harwell

6th Grade Representatives:  Payton Cole, Davis Durham, Mekena Hartline, and Dawson Hensley



2016-2017 Jr. Beta Club Officers

President: Mia Moore

Vice-President: Maegan Hewitt

Secretary: Kayton Arnold

Treasurer: Landan Morse