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Make Education a Priority


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Join “Make Education a Priority” today!
It COSTS NOTHING…but pays BIG DIVIDENDS for our kids!
What is “Make Education a Priority” all about?
“Make Education a Priority” is a grass roots movement by Texas School Boards to motivate legislators to work hand-in-hand with educators to provide ALL Texas children with a school finance system that is adequate, fair and equitable. As board members and organizers of “Make Education a Priority”, all we want is your support in the form of your signature on a form, addressed to your senator and representative, asking that they “Make Education a Priority” during the upcoming legislative session. We are not asking for more money to fund a broken school finance system, but rather that the current system be fixed. This can only be accomplished by respectful communication and productive work among legislators, educators and public that cares about its children.
How can “Make Education a Priority” create positive changes for kids?
First by creating community awareness that will inspire and motivate all Texans to do what our Bells community does best…SUPPORT OUR CHILDREN. By actively communicating to lawmakers you will be taking ownership in our kids’ futures…and making a positive difference in their lives! Second, by ultimately creating a LOUD VOICE among ALL TEXAS SCHOOL DISTRICTS with EVERYONE adopting “Make Education a Priority” resolutions that insist on fair, adequate, and equitable school funding.
How can I learn more/be more active in “Make Education a Priority”?
To learn more, go to which is a statewide initiative website that explains the purpose, goals and long term effectiveness of creating a unified voice among Texas school districts that speaks to the needs of our children.
How will all the letters get into the hands of legislators in Austin? 
Representatives from ALL Texas school districts will travel to Austin TOGETHER, in mass, and deliver the letters to our representatives while mass media covers it on TV, radio and newspapers! The end result: a responsive legislature that meets the educational needs of children by fairly, adequately & equitably funding public education. WITH YOUR SUPPORT, we’ll get the job done!                    Thank you for your support!