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District Curriculum

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Bells Independent School District has been using the TEKS Resource System Curriculum (formerly CSCOPE) since 2006.  TRS is a guaranteed and viable curriculum in which content area experts write the curriculum and continually review all of its components to ensure quality and adherence to the state standards, The Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).                                                                                                                                                 

The key components of the TRS curriculum are:

  • A K-12 systemic model in the four core content areas
  • Common language, structure, and process for curriculum delivery
  • Innovative Technology
  • Aligned written, taught, and tested curriculum
  • Clarified and specified TEKS/STAAR expectations assembled in a vertical alignment format
  • Customizable instructional plans that allow district resources to be integrated into the system

Information for Teachers:

Bells ISD Curriculum

TEKS Resource System


Non-Negotiables (required):

  • YAG (Year at a Glance)
    • Ensures all TEKS are taught through the school year
    • Maps out what TEKS are taught each nine weeks
  • IFD (Instructional Focus Document)
    • Provides all the information a teacher needs including examples of the TEKS, vocabulary, Performance Assessments, misconceptions and more.
  • Unit Assessments
    • Assesses the TEKS taught at the end of each unit.
    • Teachers have access to the assessment prior to instruction through the Eduphoria Aware online system.
    • It is a test designed to be equal to or harder than the STAAR.
    • Tests should be modified as little as possible.



  • YAG (Year at a Glance) - TRS Website
  • TVD (TEKS Verification Document) -  TRS Website
  • IFD (Instructional Focus Document) - TRS Website
  • Performance Assessments - TRS Website (embedded in IFD)
    • includes grading rubric
  • UA’s (Unit Assessments) – Eduphoria Aware
  • Pacing Tool (Mini Units) - (online learning center, resources, curriculum and assessment, TEKS Resource System Online Planning Support)


Parents may access the TRS Parent portal at