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Freshmen Check List

  • Meet with Mrs. Branam to go over your 4-year high school plan.  If you want to change your endorsement- let her know!
  • Make a list of personal and academic goals.
  • Get to know the teachers!  They will be writing letters of recommendation for you one day. 
  • Check out the websites of your “dream” colleges.  Find out the requirements for admission.
  • Keep your file up to date!  Mrs. Branam has a file for you to keep record of awards, volunteer hours, etc. 
  • VOLUNTEER!  Not only are you contributing to the community, it looks great on scholarship and college applicaitons. 
  • Talk to your parents about where you want to go to college and how much money it will take to go there. 
  • Be active!  Join a club, sport or other extracurricular activity. Many times scholarships are offered for members.