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5th Grade


5th Grade Newsletter    

Jan. 14-18,2019

Science -  We have been reviewing weathering, erosion and deposition from previous grades.   Changes to Earth’s Surface and the processes that led to the formation of sedimentary rock and fossil fuels and recognizing how landforms are the result of changes by wind, water, and ice. We will focus on the processes that led to the formation of rock.


Vocabulary- sedimentary rock, sediment, compaction, cementation, process, formation, layers, sandstone, limestone, nonrenewable resource, fossil fuel, coal, oil, natural gas, compaction, burial, particles, decay, decompose, organisms, deposition,

peat, gasoline, petroleum, power plant, diesel


Social Studies- Students will understand the relationship between arts and the times during which they were created.  


Reading - We will be reviewing everything we have done up to this point with fiction. We will be reading stories, plays, and poems and comparing different elements from each. We will be characterizing the protagonist and antagonist, and identifying the elements that move the plot forward.  We will also be doing a lot of writing over the next few weeks.


Please remember to have them read 20 minutes a night. Anything counts. Reading is reading is reading. Have a great weekend!


Math-   Students will begin Unit 6 “Fractions~ addition and subtraction”. Students will represent and solve addition and subtraction of fractions with unequal denominators referring to the same whole using objects and pictorial models and properties of operations.

*** Students can always login through Clever and go to Imagine Math for additional math practice.  

***There is also a new site that is great for extra practice.  Go to Khan, find 5th grade math, and then specific practice.  

Ex. Multiplying Decimals



**Monday, January 14th- Major Saver Collections starts

**Monday, January 21st-  No School for students

**Wednesday, January 23rd- Last day for Major Saver

Thursday, January 31st-  Mandatory Camp JOLT meeting @ 6:00pm

in cafeteria

**Tuesday, February 5th- 5th grade Math benchmark

**Wednesday, February 6th- Progress Reports and 5th grade Reading benchmark

**Tuesday, February 12th- PTO Meeting

**Friday, February 15th- No School for students

**Monday, February 18th- Bad Weather Day- No School if we do not use it

**Tuesday, March 5th- 5th grade Science benchmark

**Wednesday, March 6th- Spring Individual and class pictures

**Friday, March 8th- early release at noon

**Monday, March 11-Friday, March 15- Spring Break

**Tuesday, March 19th- PTO Meeting

**Wednesday, March 20th- Report Card Day

**Tuesday, April 9th- 5th grade  Math STAAR Test

**Wednesday, April 10th- 5th grade Reading STAAR Test

**Monday, April 15th- 5th grade leaves for Camp Jolt

**Wednesday, April 17th- Progress Reports

**Thursday, April 18th- Last day of Camp Jolt

**Friday, April 19th- No School- Good Friday

**Monday, April 22nd- Bad Water Day- No School if we do not use it

**Wednesday, May 15th- 5th grade Science STAAR Test