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5th Grade Newsletter          


Science - We will continue to classify matter based on measurable, testable, and observable physical properties, including mass, magnetism, physical state, relative density, solubility in water, and the ability to conduct or insulate thermal energy or electric energy. This is a BIG unit for 5th grade students. We will be conducting many experiments during the next 3-4 weeks. Hope you have enjoyed the pictures on DOJO and ask your student about what they have been doing in class.

Vocabulary- matter, classify, physical property, mass, volume, magnetism, thermal energy, electric energy, conductor, insulator, solubility, soluble, ingredient, melt, attract, relative density, physical state, solid, liquid, gas, boiling point, freezing point, melting point, condensation, evaporation, mixture, solution, dissolve


Social Studies- Week 3 USA Studies Weekly Magazine- Comparing New Colonies

Crossword puzzle will be due on Friday and the online test will be on Thursday. (Students are allowed and encouraged to use their magazine when they take their test.)

Social Studies Vocabulary- Quaker, Puritans, lumber, debtor, cash crop, plantation, revoke, treason, auction, deport, fertile, thou


Reading - Our 1st unit test will be Wednesday the 19th. Students will be coming home with study guides. Students can get their study guides signed for an extra 5 points on their test. Vocabulary will increase this week. We will be practicing how to handle 6 to 8 words a week instead of 1 to 2. Students will also be responsible for finding a vocabulary word of their choice to add to our word wall each week.

Please remember to have them read 20 minutes a night. Anything counts. Reading is reading is reading. I hope you have a great weekend!

Happy Reading


Math-  Students will begin Unit 2 “Algebraic Reasoning”.  Students will identify prime and composite numbers, represent and solve multi-step problems involving the four operations with whole numbers using equations with a letter standing for the unknown quantity, describe the meaning of parentheses and brackets in a numeric expressions, and simplify numerical expressions that do not involve exponents, including up to two levels of grouping.  We will use the acronym PMDAS (Pardon My Dear Aunt Sally). I am very proud of ALL of the 5th graders for working so hard on their first test!




**Tuesday, September 18, 2018- Fall Pictures

**Monday, October 15, 2018- Student Holiday

**Tuesday, October 16, 2018- Picture Re-takes

**Wednesday, October 17, 2018- Report Card Day

**Saturday, November 3, 2018- Fall Festival

**Monday, November 12, 2018- Veterans Day Assembly in HS gym

**Wednesday, November 14, 2018- Progress Reports

**Monday, November 19-Friday, November 23, 2018- Thanksgiving Break

**Monday, November 26-Friday, November 30, 2018- Angel Money Drive