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5th Grade

5th Grade Newsletter    

March 18-22, 2019

Science -   We will continue observing the way organisms live and survive in their ecosystem by interacting with the living and non-living elements. They will need to be able to describe the flow of energy within a food web, including the roles of the Sun, producers, consumers, and decomposers. Students will need to be able to identify and predict the effects of changes in ecosystems caused by living organisms, including humans, such as the overpopulation of grazers or the building of highways.


Vocabulary- ecosystem, organism, living,  non-living, interact, compete (competition), obtain, survive, flow, energy, food chain, food web, producer, consumer, decomposer, prey, predator, nutrients, transfer, directly, role,

decrease, increase, population, overpopulation


Social Studies- Students will understand the concept of manifest Destiny and study the causes and effects of the Mexican-American War. Crossword will be due on Friday.  Quiz will be on Thursday.


Reading - This is the last 9 week block! We will begin with the research process. Students will be organizing and planning a research topic. We will be learning about sources and how to site them in our work.


Spring Break - Some students like reading on Epic. The site is and the class code is MKZ2873. If your student is one of these kids they will have access to Epic during the break, but only during school hours. If they want unlimited access you will have to get the free 30 day trial.


Please remember to have them read 20 minutes a night. Anything counts. Reading is reading is reading. Have a great weekend!


Math-    Students will generate a numerical pattern when given a rule in the form y = ax or y = x + a and graph and  recognize the difference between additive and multiplicative numerical patterns given in a table or graph.  Students will also describe the process for graphing ordered pairs of numbers in the first quadrant of the coordinate plane.

We will not have another unit test until after the STAAR test on April 9th.


*** Students can always login through Clever and go to Imagine Math for additional math practice.  

***There is also a new site that is great for extra practice.  Go to Khan, find 5th grade math, and then specific practice.  

Ex. Multiplying Decimals



**Monday, March 11-Friday, March 15- Spring Break

**Tuesday, March 19th- PTO Meeting

**Wednesday, March 20th- Report Card Day

**Tuesday, April 9th- 5th grade  Math STAAR Test

**Wednesday, April 10th- 5th grade Reading STAAR Test

**Monday, April 15th- 5th grade leaves for Camp Jolt

**Wednesday, April 17th- Progress Reports

**Thursday, April 18th- Last day of Camp Jolt

**Friday, April 19th- No School- Good Friday

**Monday, April 22nd- Bad Weather Day- No School if we do not use it

**Monday, May 13th-STAAR  Math retest

**Tuesday, May 14th-STAAR  Reading retest

**Wednesday, May 15th- 5th grade Science STAAR Test

**Thursday, May 23rd- 5th grade Luau at 8:30 in the gym- more info later

                                    5th grade Awards at 10 in the cafeteria

                                    Early Release at noon

                                    Last Day of School