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Announcements will be relayed using Remind 101!

Stay Informed!  

Sign Up for Remind 101

What is it?

Remind 101 is a quick way for BHS to be able to communicate with parents and students! Remind 101 allows BHS to send short text messages to both students and parents. This is one way communication; you cannot reply to these text messages. 

***Please do NOT sign up for this if you must pay for texting (we do not want to add charges to your phone bill); but if you have unlimited texting we strongly encourage you to take advantage of this great communication tool.
How do I sign up?
Signing up is easy!  We will not have access to your phone number, all we see on our end is a list of names. 
Follow these simple steps to enroll.
1)  Locate the class or classes in which you or you student(s) are enrolled below.
2) Type in the phone number listed for each class as the recipient of your text message.
3) Type in the message associated with that class. Repeat as needed if you have students in more than one grade level at BHS.