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BES Scratch Games


NEW!  ABCs for PreK! 
Click on a letter to hear its name.  Click on the world to hear the entire alphabet!

created by Z.D., BES student, for his sister!!


The Hungry Fish Game
created by Z.D., BES student, using Scratch!

Use your mouse to lead the fish around the tank to eat the gray fish food blocks. 
But, don't fall in the hole!  If you do, the game is over!  Have fun!


Musical Robot 
created by BES student, Z.D., using Scratch!
Use your arrow keys on the computer to guide the red ball around the page.  
Hit the drums and robot to make your own music.  


Magic Pencil 
by BES studentZ.D.

Use your mouse to draw anything you want!  Change the color of your pencil line by using the arrow keys and space bar.  Left arrow is blue, Up arrow is green, Right arrow is red, Down arrow is yellow, and Space Bar is pink.  Touch the gray block to clear the page and begin again.