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Student Life

students heart month


6th: Jayde Cook​ and Kaison Branham
7th: Ansley Campbell​ and Preston Carter
8th: Lisa Sutherland​ and Jaden Nelson

​Staff of the Month: Our Lunch Ladies!​​



6th:  Kendall Clark and Tristan Gardner
7th:  Darren Holcomb and Kori Wilson
8th:  Gabe Gibson and Ella Liquori​

Staff:  Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Westbrook



6th:  Riley Rolen and Holden Trainor
7th:  Blair Baker and Brayden Taylor
8th:  Shellby Harwell and Dylan Kinsey

Staff:  Mr. Brewer and Mrs. Trainor



6th: Malloree Meek and Titan Tillman
7th:  Sarah Cooper and J.J. McKinney
8th:  Justine Norris and Kollin Kumler

Staff:  Mrs. Nelson and Coach Hogue



6th: Faith Pinnick and Lucas Hamner
7th:  Brooklyn Blodgett and Cooper Smith
8th:  Kaycee Arnold and Kaden Pyle

Staff:  Mrs. Crouse and Mrs. Doggett



6th:  Jacie Kyle and Jaxon Cheeks
7th:  Lily Helgren and Dakota Robinson
8th:  Hali Blodgett and Deven Peckham

Staff:  Coach Hall and Nurse Williams

student councilStudent Council

President:  Bo Baker

Vice President:  Colt Stone

Secretary:  Jacie Kyle

Treasurer:  Kinley Weger

8th Grade Representative:  Jaden Nelson and Marissa Rutherford

7th Grade Representatives: Julian Garcia and Spencer Hinds 

6th Grade Representatives:  Kaison Branham and Arin Henshaw


2017-2018 Jr. Beta Club Officers

President: Jaden Nelson

Vice-President: Shellby Harwell

Secretary:  Preston Carter

Treasurer:  Ansley Campbell

Chaplain:  Ashlyn Fox