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Student Life

students of the month


6th-Ava Brown and Tyson Stanglin

7th Holden Trainor and Kate Waldip

8th chris McAdams and Emily Wilson


6th- Anthony Leonard and Katie Spears

7th- Lucas Hamner and Riley Rolen

8th- Brock Baker, Jenri Lopez, and Brooklyn Blodgett



6th-Allie Hale and Peyton Washburn

7th- Emily Thompson and Blayze Massey

8th- Alectra Mask and Jackson Flores


6th- Hannah Cooper and Ethan Lewis
7th- Drake Daniels and Arin Henshaw
8th- Austin May and Blair Baker


8th Grade:  Sophia Payne & Hayden Collier

7th Grade:  Kinley Weger & Levi Armstrong

6th Grade: Elly May Priest & Jackson Brokaw


8th Grade:  Davis Durham & Megan Severson

7th Grade:  Bailee Dorris & Titan Tillman

6th Grade:  Colt Crane & Bailey Floyd


student council

2018-2019 Jr. Beta Club Officers

President:  Ansley Campbell

Vice-President: Jonathan Cox

Secretary:  Ashlyn Fox

Treasurer:  Preston Carter

Chaplain:  Spencer Hinds