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Principal - Will Steger

2017-2018 School Year

Welcome back!!  It's the best time of year next to the Christmas Holidays.  The coming year promises to be one of the best in Pritchard Junior High history.   This year will offer many opportunities for us all, students, parents, and staff members.  Together we will all strive to find ways to be better than ever before.  This will be a year of engaging our students in meaningful and rigorous work in the classrooms that will broaden our students' abilities and skills in both academics in the classroom and in extracurricular accomplishments.  We will encourage our students to give their best efforts in the classroom, and to become involved in one or more of the extracurricular activities that are offered here at Pritchard Junior High.   Our greatest wish is that all students, parents, and staff members will become connected and involved here at school so that we can all support the growth of our students.  It is our desire to create an atmosphere of high energy, high standards, and great enthusiasm. 

We are very fortunate to have a staff of highly qualified professional educators, who will diligently work every day with all of our students to bring out the best in each of our girls and boys.  We understand that the greatest success is achieved when we all work together; parents, students, and teachers, in the best interest of our children.  We invite parents to communicate as often as necessary to help meet our goals here at school, and we will always value parental involvement and support in educating our students.

It is our greatest hope that we can work together to inspire our students to seek out opportunities, unlock potential, and reach for excellence in all that we do this year.  It is my privilege and our staff's privilege to work with the students, parents, and community here in Bells, an honor we do not take lightly, 

If I can be of any further assistance, please feel free to contact me.


Will Steger

Pritchard Junior High
1505 Ole Ambrose Road, Bells, TX 75414